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Burgess Auctions LLC is family operated, licensed auction company founded in 1996. We are available for your On Site auction, Real Estate, and appraisal needs, as well as smaller consignments of quality antiques and Estate held in our Monthly Collectors Auctions.

Nothing is more entertaining than attending a well run auction and listening to the chant of a good auctioneer. However, an auction is much more than an entertaining event. The Auction Method of Marketing is by far the most profitable way of converting goods, personal property and Real Estate into cash.

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Online Live Auctions – Get Great Deals On Auctions From Home

Burgess online auctions is where you can bid on and purchase items from business liquidations, equipment and machinery auctions, estate auctions and much more. Our online venue has sold everything from to dish sets, tractors to real estate.

Whether you have just one valuable item to be sold, or an entire estate, Burgess Auctions LLC in Knightstown, IN provides a way to sell your items to meet your needs.

  • Market and Advertise toward a specific event in time
  • Expose your property to the greatest number of buyers
  • Quickly turn property into cash and cut holding costs
  • Set your own terms and conditions of sale
  • Create a highly competitive atmosphere among buyers
  • Keep closing time to a minimum, giving you a quick cash return and reduce holding costs